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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bay Area Seniors Computer Club "BASCC" Offers Online Multimedia Site

The Bay Area Seniors Computer Club "BASCC" has been offering computer training for seniors since the year 2000.

Computer literacy is important for senior citizens from a health standpoint because it provides a way for seniors to search healthcare topics, and enhance their lives in other ways.

Many seniors, having grown up during the "paper generation" era of education, experience the "Digital Divide."

There's a need to bridge the Digital Divide between senior citizens and later generations who use computers at school and at work.

The club offers free computer classesfor seniors, workshops, and helpers who can be contacted over the telephone when needed. "You're never too old to learn" is the club motto.

Now the Bay Area Seniors Computer Club "BASCC" has a social network with multimedia, video and photo sharing, a Forum, and Blogs at Bay Area Seniors Computer Club "BASCC" Multimedia and Tutorials. The club is located on the central Oregon Coast in the Coos Bay, North Bend area. Online visitors are welcome.

Seniors can exercise their minds and enjoy a community online with shared interests. The site uses "Ning" software, a popular application for social network sites.

Tthere are many other benefits for seniors who learn to use computers, such as getting the news online instead in the "paper" format. Surfing the internet for health, education and the news provides mental exercise as well.

Videos and tutorials range from how to use Picasa 3, to Google's Tech Talks at the 2009 Internet Summit. The Museum of Computer History is featured, as well as introductions to the upcoming Windows 7 that will be out in the stores by October 2009. User-generated videos feature such interesting topics as "Anchorage Alaska Float Plane Flight" and "Oregon Coast Scenes. "

The site is like a "mini-internet" and there is a website search box in the upper right. A "web 2.0" type of site, it allows users to upload their own videos and photos, or start their own blogs.