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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Epilepsy in Seniors - Fastest Growing Population Group with Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Foundation discusses seniors' health issues and epilepsy on their website, under "Seniors and Siezures."

The website defines epilepsy as "a functional disorder of the brain, a the electrical system that controls everything we feel and do."

It goes on to explain that these glitches, known as malfunctions, can "temporarily block awareness."

Treatment for seniors often involves daily medication. People do not respond the same way to medications. Missing a daily dose can increase the potential for a siezure.

The site explains that epilepsy affects about 300,000 seniors in the U.S. and that this is the fastest growing population group with epilepsy.

Causes listed on the site of epilepsy in seniors include: after-effects of stroke, tumors, and cardiovascular events.

Treatments for elderly seniors who have epilepsy are complicated by age related issues and medications.