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Sunday, January 6, 2008

American Heart Association Free Caregiver's Self-Care Journal Says "You Are Here For A Reason" and more

At the American Heart Association the free Caregiver's Journal starts with a quotation for caregivers by Carolyn Joy Adams. "You are here for a reason...perhaps the very specific challenges faces you right noware truly invitations to expand your capacity to be patient, courageous, flexible, forgiving, to make wise choices...and to become more fully...the beautiful soul you are meant to be."

The Caregiver's Journal also includes pages for the following.

"Caregiver's Rights
Caregiver Health Checklist
Be Realistic, Think Positive
Refresh Yourself
Replenish Your Body and Mind
Reach Out
Handy Charts
How to Cope with Change"

The American Heart Association Caregiver's Journal is a place for caregivers to keep track of their health and needs. Caregivers often forget about looking after their self-care when they are focused on the needs of a loved one or friend who is suffering. After awhile thoughts of self occur less and less frequently until the caregiver's needs keep getting put off, perhaps forever.

Caregiver's are used to keeping charts and journals for someone whom they are assisting. Now the need for a journal for caregivers is recognized as important, too. Doctor's often call the caregiver the "hidden patient" because in caring for another the caregiver's own health may suffer.

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