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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Caregiving and Spiritual Issues

The comfort of knowing a caring God is surrounding us with love and light, and that earthly challenges can be seen from a perspective of eternal life, can provide strength to keep going when the most difficult times of our lives occur. No matter what your religious denomination, philosophy, or personal spiritual belief system, knowing there is a power of love, a spirit that cares and an energy that is like a power source lifts us up when we need it.

We'll never understand fully that which is beyond our human ability to grasp, but knowing we are filled and surrounded with the spirit of love and that we can see things from an eternal perspective changes everything.

Today in our world there is still much love and caring, much light and life.

When the difficulties of caregiving seem to be pulling one downward, it helps to remember the spiritual love that can fill and enfold us. As channels for the flow of this love, energy and caring, caregivers are indeed special people.

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