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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Award Winning Tobey Dichter of Generations Online - Seniors Switching from Paper Generation to Online Generation

For many seniors switching from getting information from "paper media" to getting it online is a challenge, but it can be an important way to enhance the senior years.

Some of the benefits include:

* Obtaining information about health and insurance
* Enjoying history websites, especially about events they remember
* Keeping up with the latest local and world news at a time when "paper newspapers" are declining
* Communicating with others by email
* Mental stimulation to keep the brain healthy

The video below explains that in the past seniors held the keys to passing along history and wisdom. But now that has changed with the online information age. Giving the seniors the "keys" to online information by promoting senior computer literacy is an important goal when seeking to improve quality of life for seniors.

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