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Monday, February 1, 2010

Managing Life With Chronic Pain - Strategies and Coping from

Those of us with arthritis pain or other chronic conditions can always use a review of some of the techniques for managing pain. Here's a brief summary from I will mention a few of the tips here and you can click on the link to see their whole list.

Lifestyle changes can making living with ongoing pain more bearable and hopefully provide a lot of relief. The list starts with "Deep Breathing and Other Meditation" because relaxation eases pain. I would like to add that relaxation, meditating, using a mantra, or using breathing meditation, can be enhanced by using certain types of music in the background. I often go on the internet and search for meditation music, or any soft, beautiful music.

Music therapy for pain reducation can be part of one's daily lifestyle. Spiritual music, inspirational music, soft instrumentals, easy listening, all can be part of a holistic program, a daily lifestyle, to reduce pain levels.

2. Reduce stress because stress intensifies pain. WebMD recommends getting CD's with soothing music and guided imagery to help get relief from ongoing pain. Stress and anger can increase the body's sensitivity to pain.

3. Giving the body's endorphins, natural pain relievers, a boost by exercising is one of my favorite approaches. WebMD reminds us that exercise also strengthen muscles and prevents injuries, and helps keep weight down and blood sugar levels stable. My favorite exercise is swimming and any exercise in the pool. The buoyancy takes the weight off of sore joints and floating simply just feels good.

Eat a healthy diet and find ways to distract yourself from pain are a few more of my favorite tips from their list. To see the whole list click and visit their site at

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