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Sunday, March 30, 2008

85 Year Old Woman With Dementia Missing From Facility - Found Later That Day

Another instance of a missing dementia patient who walked away from a facility, but was found later on Friday, highlights the need for electronic tracking bracelets to ensure safety. An article on Friday, March 28, 2008, in the San Luis Obispo Tribune says that Bernice Holcomb, an 85 year old woman with dementia, was missing from a care facililty at 1755 Skyview Lane, Paso Robles, (San Luis Obispo County) California. She evidently walked away from the facility. She was found at 6:30 on North River Road.

Not long ago a man with dementia disappeared from his home in Pismo Beach, (San Luis Obispo County), CA, and was found 20 miles away riding a bicycle in Santa Maria. He was wearing a project lifesaver electronic tracking bracelet that helicopters can track. He was so far form home that authorities said if he had not been wearing one of these bracelets with a tracking device it would have been very difficult to locate him. He was still riding the bicycle in Santa Maria when he was located.

To get information about Project Lifesaver you can go to the website and watch a video illustrating how it works.

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