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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Caregiving Awards 2007 - Metlife and National Alliance for Caregiving - "A Place of Beauty Journaling Progam" Wins Award

The 2007 National Family Caregiving Awards from the Metlife Foundation and the National Alliance for Caregiving lists awards for Caregiver Support, Caregiver Education, Alzheimers Caregivers Support and Education, Technology and Honorable Mention. "A Place of Beauty Journaling Program" at the Southern California Resource Center, San Diego, California, was one of two recipients of awards for Caregiver Support. "The Home Educator Program, " at the Alzheimers Family Services of Greater Beaufort, South Carolina was the other award winner in Caregiver Support.

The winner "A Place of Beauty Journaling Program" is a creative program that brings volunteer artists together with caregivers. The caregivers are encouraged to "find their voice" by knowing they have a "safe place to write down their passions, hopes, new ideas, and dreams."

The chance to use self-expression helps reduce the risk factors of caregiving, "such as emotional and physical isolation, and loss of self-esteem." Each journal is an original work of art that represents a complex journey. Journal writers are encouraged to "write from the heart... and rediscover their lost passions."

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