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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Caregivers Tips - 5 Safety Precautions When Assisting People With Breathing Difficulties or Lung Conditions

These tips are for caregivers who are assisting people who have breathing difficulties, allergies or lung conditions. It is important to avoid aggravating breathing problems. This list focuses on being sure not to use products with scents or fragrances added. If a person you are assisting develops rasping breathing, gasping, or any breathing difficulty seek professional medical help and if an emergency is suspected call 911 immediately.

1. SCENTED PERSONAL PRODUCTS. Caregivers can avoid using scented personal products for themselves or the person they assist, such as scented soaps, perfumes or colognes, shampoos, conditioners, detergents, lotions, cosmetics, or hair products with scents.

2. SCENTED SPRAYS. Anything that can be inhaled and might irritate the breathing passages or lungs can be avoided, including scented air fresheners, or other sprays.

3. SCENTED CLEANING PRODUCTS. Cleaning products, detergents, or soaps with scents that might irritate the breathing when inhaled can also be avoided.

4. SCENTED HOME ITEMS such as candles, potpourrie, or other decor items that put off fragrances that might be inhaled and irritate the lungs and breathing.

5. SCENTED WIPES or anything else with fragrance added. Sometimes plants or flowers have allergens that can also cause a breathing issue.

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