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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inspiration and Comfort - "The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving" by Sheryl Karas

Sheryl Karas, M.A., whose background includes being an Alzheimers Association Coordinator and Support Group Leader, brings a spiritual perspective to caregiving in her book "The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving". While working for the Alzheimer's Association and the Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center she noticed how "as the caregivers became more esconced in their caregiving roles inevitably emotional and spiritual issues would become their primary concerns." Sheryl addressed these concerns in a monthly newsletter she wrote for the Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center. These newsletters became her book "The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving."

Sheryl's goal is for the book to provide non-denominational inspiration, comfort and information for caregivers. Springing from the original newsletters for the Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center, Sheryl's book now makes the information available to a wider audience.

Additionally you can read about Sheryl at her website Healing Communication.

Sheryl's other books include "The Solstice Evergreen", and "Changing the World One Relationship at a Time".

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