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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Need Help With Elderly Parents? For Expert Advice: Geriatric Care Managers - Credentials, Certifications, Services

Friends, acquaintances and caregiver agencies often offer well-meant advice but where can you find educated, certified, licensed expert help and advice for aging parents? At an article on Geriatric Care Managers explains credentials can include being a Registered Nurse, Licensed Counselor of Social Work, Counselor of Psychology or Attorney. Certifications for Geriatric Care Managers require "educational qualifications, supervision, work experience, written exams, and ongoing education to maintain a certificate."

I have seen that too often people are overwhelmed with advice from others who do not have the education, licenses, experience and credentials to be genuine experts. Friends, other caregivers, caregiver agencies, and others who are involved in the eldercare world but who are not qualified experts may mean well in offering advice.

It is my opinion that expert advice from a top consultant can be of more help to your loved ones, save a lot of worries, and result in wiser decisions. If you are using a caregiver agency then a Geriatric Care Manager could provide consultations.

Caregiver agencies often offer quite a bit of advice, but it is rare that the care coordinators have related educational degrees or licenses and of course their work is nonmedical.

Do not confuse a Geriatric Care Manager with a care coordinator at a caregiver agency. The job of care coordinator does not require the same qualifications and is very different. .

For important decisions it would be better to consult with a qualified expert.

For expert advice from an outside professional with education, licenses, and certifications it makes sense to consult with a Geriatric Care Manager.

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