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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Five Ways Alzheimer's Caregiving Trends for the Future Include High Tech and Computers

Alzheimer's caregivers in the future will be spending more time using computers and high tech for everything from Alzheimer's research to finding internet support groups. Five ways caregivers and seniors will make more use of high tech in the future include the following.

1. ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH. First, surfing the internet for Alzheimer's research and self-education will provide caregivers with the latest news and advice.

2. INTERNET SUPPORT GROUPS. As the internet becomes yet more interactive Alzheimer's caregivers will continue to find support from online groups, forums, podcasts, and events.

3. CAREGIVER BLOGS. Writing blogs provides a way to communicate news with family and friends, offer resources and information to others, and be part of an online caregiver community.

Writing and self-expression have always been good ways to reduce stress and reduce isolation.

4. HIGH TECH FOR SENIORS WITH ALZHEIMER'S. Today's seniors who have Alzheimer's or Dementia have had a taste of high tech, and their interests and activities reflect this. Traditional activities included handcrafts such as knitting or woodcarving, but that will change to include computers.

Now seniors activities often include digital photography, blogging, surfing the internet, and other high tech activities. Sports can include high tech such as the Wii bowling.

5. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, MAKING VIDEOS, AND MUSIC DOWNLOADS are becoming a part of the activities that seniors who have early or midstage Alzheimer's and their caregivers may share. Scrapbooking is a popular way that seniors with Alzheimer's preserve their memories. Now a type of high tech scrapbook might include digital collections of photos, slideshows, personal videos and memoirs.

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Francesca said...

I am totally impressed with the Five Ways Alzheimer's Caregiving Trends for the Future Include High Tech Computers.

We must remember though that even with high tech computers those who have Alzheimer's STILL need a caregiver.

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