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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swimming - Therapy for the Body, Mind and Emotions

The body, mind and emotions are of course all connected, and what affects one affects the others. For me, my time swimming laps, doing water exercises, and water walking brings everything into a better harmony. Floating and feeling the buoyancy makes my physical, mental and emotional parts all let go of the stresses, frustrations, and tensions.

Water therapy is a holistic health approach.

The aquamarine color of the pools is uplifting and relaxing too. After an hour or more in the pool I feel refreshed.

I'm writing about this today so that others who have chronic health conditions, painful joints, back injuries, mental and emotional stress and frustrations, and other lack of harmony or well-being will try aquatherapy.

Most pools have a hoyer lift, so if someone is using a walker to ambulate or a wheelchair to get around, you can still get into a pool with the assistance of another caring person. I've seen people who are recovering from strokes assisted into the pools, where a person acting to assist helps them with floating and exercise. They say floating in the water is the best part of their day!

I read Christopher Reeve's book, "Still Me" that he wrote after the accident that paralyzed him. In the book he says that the times he felt the best were during his water therapy sessions, floating and feeling the buoyancy.

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