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Friday, December 7, 2007

Wii Bowling Allows 87 Year Old Lady to Swing a Remote Control Instead of a Bowling Ball in This Video

Wii Bowling is demonstrated in the above video by an 87 year old lady who was videotaped by her grandson. Swinging a remote control at a screen showing the bowling lane and pins is easier than swinging a heavy bowling ball, plus you can do it without actually going to the lanes. Seniors' Centers are getting into Wii Bowling Tournaments with each other. Wii Sports have opened up a world of new activities for many seniors.

You can see more videos and read about the sports that can use "Wii" at their website. People who are sitting down, on a couch or chair, can also swing the remote control for Wii Bowling. This opens up an activity for people who use a wheelchair.

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