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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Twenty-Three Minute Care for the Caregiver Video - Important During the Holidays

Caregiver stress during the holidays can go up as the demands on time and energy go up. Tension, problems sleeping, irritability, and depression can happen at the same time that holiday merrymaking and shopping for gifts are occuring. The contrast between life's realities and idealistic visions of holidays can be stressful as people try to live up impossible standards. A sense of peace is more important than the spending encouraged by the advertisers, and this time of year doesn't need to be a race to achieve the most festivities.

The 23 minute Care for the Caregiver video is especially important when caregivers may feel their energy is stretched and stressed to the max during the holidays. A few minutes of quiet meditative contemplation might be all a busy caregiver can manage at times, but even this will stop the ongoing marathon of stress for those caregivers who are faced with many tasks.

Best wishes to everyone. Enjoy the video.

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