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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Caregivers Self-Care - Keeping a Sense of Self, Creativity for Living Fully

Focusing our thoughts and energy on meeting the needs of others doesn't give caregivers much time for self-development and personal growth. Creative paths are needed to continue to nurture the caregiver's sense of self. When an interruption of one's dreams and life goals occurs, living a fulfilling life seems to be a thought that is put aside while caring for others.

The new normal that occurs when caregiving becomes a lifestyle means thinking creatively out-of-the-box is needed. The caregiver's sense of self needs to continue amidst the focus on others, and this is a big challenge.

A new feature at the Caregiver's Beacon is a list of websites for Living Creatively. If you would like to suggest a site to add please email me, Kristi Marie Gott, at

If you have an inspirational quotation you would like to add it would also be much appreciated. Thank you and best wishes.

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