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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Creativity and Caregiving - Reducing Stress by Creative Writing

For a change of pace I am offering some creative writing I did recently. Since I came back from my recent trip to the Oregon coast with crutches, one leg in a velcro cast and the other in several braces, I have been turning to creativity to reduce stress. I always enjoyed creative writing as a child. The Oregon coast was wild and inspiring. Along with slide shows in previous posts here is a bit of poetry about the "wild rivers coast" of Oregon.

The Oregon Coast Spirit
by Kristi Marie Gott
Remember images so soothing,
Such a comfort in the night.
Tall firs along a river.
Bare aspens, mountains beyond.
Wild beaches full of driftwood.
Redwoods for a hundred miles.
No sound but the wind and water.
Birdsong breaks the silence.
Elk graze near a lost lagoon.
Deer take dainty steps in fields.
Snow heavy on the fir tree boughs.
New ice like thin glass on ponds.
A dozen mountain ridges fade to the sky.
Imagine all that peace and freedom.
The spirit loosed from bonds flies high,
The wellsprings of the soul reborn.

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