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Friday, February 22, 2008

Trading Places - An Accident Puts a Caregiver in the Opposite Position

My switch from caregiver to care-receiver happened like this. My shoe, wet from the rain, slipped on the steps. I suddenly found myself lying in a tangle at the bottom of the steps with my knees twisted. The popping and pain let me know there was a serious injury. Calling for help, being carried to the car, and going through the emergency room were all familiar from my years in the caregiver and health care field, except this time the one who fell was me.

Back home from the travels, it looks like there are several knee surgeries in the future. One leg is in a velcro type cast from top to ankle, the other in several braces, and I'm navigating on crutches. I drove 800 miles home alone with my two dogs in the car, and learned a lot about what it's like to try to open heavy doors to restrooms, hotels and fast food restaurants in this condition.

With one knee not bearing weight and the other bearing some weight my arms are getting a work out on the crutches. I learned to keep the arms straight so they bear the weight.

My rescued lab retriever mix has turned out to be a wonderful therapy dog, and now he is rescuing me. I bought him a dog backpack and he walks next to me and my crutches in stores and carries the milk, juice and a few things out in the dog backpack. He seems to love to work, smiling and wagging his tail, and his spirits are giving me an uplift.

The other rescued dog, a four and a half pound papillon-chihuahua type mix is also doing her bit, licking my hands and face, curled up on my lap, gazing at me with her beautiful eyes.

Best wishes to everyone, more later, Kristi

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lady thinker said...

Hope you make a speedy recovery. The dogs sound a real blessing..
Thanks for the link in your blog roll.