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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Surviving Temporary or Long Term Disabilities -

At people with a disability can join a community of bloggers who share the details of living with a disability. With both my knees in casts or braces after the accident and a set of crutches I am searching for ways to survive alone right now. With no one to lift a wheelchair into the car I am crutching around short distances and learning what it is like to use creativity to do even some of the simplest daily tasks.

Reading the blogs by people experienced with surviving with disabilities has taught me a lot about skills and mental attitude. For instance the blog at by michael_angel-o8, a TBI patient, tells Michael's story. In My Story and How I Make It Each Day he tells how he was almost crushed by a truck in 1980 and how he has coped with the disability.

If you read the blog by Tiffiny you can get insight from her experiences dealing with a personal care aide.

Blogger timpoindexter, who works for disaboom, has an informative post about Brian Sterner, the quadraplegic who was dumped from his wheelchair by a detention deputy. The video of this is also in Tim's blog.

People who are disabled, caregivers for those with disabilities, as well as those of us who have disabling injuries that make take time to heal, can join the community at and share with others as well as learn.

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