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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Holistic Techniques for Music Therapy To Reduce Stress

At Holistic Online the page on Music Therapy explains techniques to use when listening to music for stress reduction. The website explains that listening to music has been found to help with the following: (1) reduce heart rates (if it's slow music), (2) increase the body's serotonin to fight depression, (3) increase deep breathing (which reduces stress), and (4) to reduce pain.

To make the most of Music Therapy the website advises listening to music with a rythm that is slower than the natural heartbeat of 72 beats per minute. Stretch out in a comfy position and take a 20 minute "sound bath."

Choose music that you like, perhaps something familiar that reminds you of pleasant times. Some people listen to favorite music from childhood. Holistic Online says that listening to familiar favorites can help to create a sense of calmness.

Natural sounds, such as rain, or ocean waves can also be good stress reduction therapy.

The information is not new to most of us, but it is a good reminder. I decided to take a walk, always a good stress reducer, and bring a small recorder to make my own sounds of nature therapy.

Music has the ability to change people's moods. A high energy faster rythm can help get you going if you are trying to pick up the pace when you're out walking or exercising.

Listening to old favorites on headphones can be like having an old friend with you. Something familiar that brings back good memories and feelings can be uplifting.
These techniques and ideas for music therapy to reduce stress can be helpful for caregivers or seniors.

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