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Friday, October 12, 2007

Elderblogging at "As Time Goes By"

At "As Time Goes By" subtitled "What it's really like to get older" written by retired television producer Ronni Bennett you can learn what is really happening today in the world of aging and elders' blogging. Ronni has been the producer for television shows that include 20/20, The Barbara Walter's Specials on the ABC network, and shows at Lifetime TV, NBC, CBS, and PBS.

"The Elder Storytelling Place," another "Time Goes By" weblog by Ronni is a place for elders to submit their stories to be in a blog online, whether they are bloggers or not.

Elders who blog can get a "PROUDELDERBLOGGER" badge to post to their blog. They can also get an "ELDERBLOGGERS RULE" badge or "I support ELDERBLOGGERS" badge.

Elder Videos and Geezer Flicks are several of the features at "As Time Goes By". Other features include "Where Elders Blog", "Social Security Privatization," and "Hurricane Katrina."

On a personal level is "A Mother's Last, Best Lesson," the uplifting story of the time Ronni shared with her mother during her mother's last illness. There is also a "Photo Biography" that starts with a photo of Baby Ronni on Dec. 7, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Issues such as the risk of falls for elders and changes that occur in lifestyle as people age are discussed in blog posts.

A post on October 12, 2007 is titled "It's Not Everyday a Blogger Turns 108." This tells about Olive Riley, who will turn 108 on October 20, 2007, and who has the blog "Life of Riley." (Olive's friend Mike actually transcribes and posts their conversations on the blog.)

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