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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Elders' Craft Projects and Bazaars

Do you know seniors or elders who are alone too much and have too much time on their hands? Many seniors and elders are using their creativity, making hand-made items, sharing time with a club where they have friends, and putting it all together for a craft bazaar. I just made a flyer to advertise a Country Crafts and Bake Sale at the Central Coast Seniors Center. It's easy to see how the chance to make friends and share a fun activity has made a difference there for so many people.

Fabric arts, needle arts, woodcarving crafts, Christmas decorations, all types of creative heirloom quality items, and old fashioned home-made baked goods will make this a fun day. People who did not participate in making crafts are still going to come over to see the crafts, talk and meet new friends, or just people watch.

Frail elders can enjoy being part of the day and it's a great outing for someone who does not go out often.

This time of the year there always seem to be more craft bazaars as the holidays approach. There are lots of opportunities everywhere for getting involved with learning to make a craft, going to a craft group, and being in a bazaar or just going to bazaars to view the crafts.

Caregivers and frail seniors can find there are crafts suitable for people with varying conditions. It's also something that a family caregiver, or a hired caregiver, and an elder can share.

Participating in bake sales is fun too, and I've done a lot of home-style baking as a caregiver. We might be arriving at a bake sale with a back seat full of pies and breads made from vintage recipes. There is a big difference between these and the store bought goods today.

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