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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Safe Lifting Portal Website RE: Federal Nurse and Patient Safety Legislation Addresses Lifting Injuries

Too often family caregivers and paid caregivers may not realize the risks of injury from lifting loved ones or patients. Back, shoulder and knee injuries, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal problems can occur from lifting patients or family members. A look at healthcare professionals such as nurses shows they are at high risk for injuries from lifting patients. For example, at the statistics show "direct care nurses rank 10th among all occupations for musculoskeletal disorders, sustaining injuries at a higher rate than laborers, movers or truck drivers." provides the news that HR 378, the Nurse and Patient Safety and Protection Act of 2007, proposes a Federal Grant Program to provide financial assistance to facilities to help with the purchase of safe patient handling equipment to reduce lifting injuries.

Injuries can occur from a single trauma or from repeated movement over a period of time. When a loved one is in need of assistance for transfers from the bed to the wheelchair, in the home, family members or friends may heroically provide help but put themselves at risk for an injury. Lifting devices are available for home care, and it is better to be careful than get a back, shoulder, knee or other injury from lifting someone. Even repositioning a person who is in bed can require lifting movements that may cause or exacerbate problems.

At there is information about what makes a safe lifting environment, about lifting products, news and more.


Linda said...

After spending 8 months as a family caregiver, I believe it is critical that there are guidelines/legislation on lifting. It is a difficult task and one could injure themselves pretty badly if they don't know how to or are put into a position where they are alone.

Kristi Marie Gott said...

Thank you for your comment Linda. So true. If caregivers are doing lifting in the home, while alone, there is no one to help if the caregiver is injured. Thanks again for visiting and commenting, best wishes, Kristi