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Friday, April 4, 2008 Provides Hospital Ratings, Complaints, Incident Reports, and Comparisons

At The Joint Commission's reports of hospital ratings, complaints, incidents, and quality reports are available at no charge. A search by zip code or provider name will provide users with the reports. In addition to accreditation information, specific services at the hospitals are rated and can be compared to other hospitals. An advanced search is available to look up different types of medical and care facilities, and specialized care.

For example, a search within your local zip code will list the hospitals within a chosen distance range, and a search for surgical care, or cancer, will provide addition quality ratings.

Quality reports on care facilities for assisted living, substance abuse and other specialized care are also available at the website.

Getting the facts about your local hospitals and comparing the data can mean the difference between going to one that is rated at a more average level and one that is rated at the highest level. The software at the website is easy to use, and definitions and explanations clarify what the ratings and reports mean.

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