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Monday, November 5, 2007

Alzheimer's Consultant and Caregiver's Guide Provide Resources

"What Now? Caregiver's Quick Guide and Resource Manual" from the Alzheimer's Association enables caregivers to attend "Caregiver University." I learned more about it when I met with Alzheimer's Consultant Jacque Murray (pictured) of the California Central Coast Chapter. Jacque provides consultations in a variety of settings and makes appointments for in-home consultations as well.

The guide is just one of the many resources you can find at the Alzheimer's Association.

A look at Section 1 of the book shows that among many topics the following are covered.

"(1) What is Alzheimer's Disease (2) The Dementia Umbrella (3) Medical and Scientific Basics (4) Get a Complete Diagnosis (5) Is It Alzheimer's Disease or...(6) Are All Person's With Alzheimer's Disease Alike (7) What Can I Expect From My Loved One (8) EarlyOnset Alzheimer's Disease (9) A Reminder About the Symptoms and Stages (10) The Three Stages."

Other Sections cover such topics as "Putting Legal and Financial Affairs in Order", "Learning to Manage Challenging Behaviors," and "Hiring and Managing In-Home Caregivers."

The book is available to Alzheimer's caregivers, along with an extensive group of other helpful material about Alzheimer's and caregiving.

Contact your local Alzheimer's Association for information about having a consultant come to your home and about obtaining Alzheimer's information.

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