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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Senior Centers Provide Thanksgiving Gatherings - No One Needs to Be Alone During the Holidays

Senior Center gatherings provide holiday social time for people who might otherwise be alone. Holidays can be difficult for seniors who feel isolated. Those who live far away from families or who have lost touch with friends may feel the holiday blues. Senior Centers provide a place for active or frail seniors to gather and share holiday dinners.

An example of the benefits of participating in activities at a senior center is the one where I volunteer, The Central Coast Seniors Center, San Luis Obispo, California.

Close to 100 Thanksgiving Dinners were provided today by the Center, and we shared a time of friendship and family style togetherness. Seniors who live alone, senior couples whose family lives far away, or seniors who live with caregivers were all part of the group, so no one had to be alone or isolated.

Great music was provided by The Music Man, Paul Lassonde, pictured above, who croons classic favorites including country western, cool soft rock, swing, and oldies but goodies.

People who had not attended a senior center gathering before said they didn't realize we were having so much fun there.

The table where I sat had some great humorists, and I spent the dinner laughing as they tried to outdo each other with jokes. People of all ages participated, including one of my 94 year old friends.

If you, or someone whom you assist, would like to join a fun social group you can check your local phone book or the internet listings for senior centers in your area.

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