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Friday, November 23, 2007

Alzheimer's Day Care Center - Participants Feedback Is Enthusiastic

Relief for exhausted caregivers can be obtained when a senior with Alzheimer's is able to attend a Day Care Center. For example, today's post is the story of a local Alzheimer's Day Care Center, The Santa Maria Wisdom Center, part of the Life Steps Foundation.

It is highly recommended by one of my friends whose 82 year old mother participates. Stella Carrasco, 63, is the sole caregiver for her mother, Mary Chaparro, 82, who has Alzheimer's. They are pictured in the photo on this post at a local Craft Fair. They gave me permission to write about them on the internet so that other people could read about their story.

At 9 am a special bus run by the Wisdom Center picks up Mary, in Oceano, California. Between 3:30 and 4 pm the Wisdom Center bus brings her back home.

The Wisdom Center provides breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack for Mary. Stella said her mother enjoys getting to eat meals with a group. She said it's good for both of them to have some time apart.

The Wisdom Center is very multi-cultural, and people there represent a variety of ethnic groups. There are bilingual speakers on the staff.

Stella has had many years of being the sole caregiver for her mother. The exhaustion and isolation were serious problems, and now that her mother attends Day Care Stella has time to rest, go for walks, play the radio, and other activities that we usually take for granted.

Stella said that before her mother started the Day Care Center she was warned about facilities, but in this case there are no worries. Her mother, Mary, enjoys the Day Care people and activities and loves to go there.

Stella said everyone there is kind and respectful, and Mary enjoys the people, arts and crafts, and other group activities. The Wisdom Center is supplying some colored pencils and drawing paper for Mary, who likes colored pencils better than other mediums for drawing.Stella looks forward to getting together with friends and attending activities now that she has some relief in her caregiving schedule.

Alzheimer's Day Care is available in many areas, and you can check your phone book or the internet to local Day Care in your area.

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