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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Candles of Care for Alzheimer's Today - Hopes, Prayers and Memories

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America sponsors the National Commemorative Candle Lighting that will be held today. People will be united with inspirational thoughts, hopes for a cure, prayers, and memories of loved ones whose lives have been affected by Alzheimer's.

Our local site for the ceremony is The Central Coast Seniors Center, Oceano, California. During the lighting of candles we are going to join hands and think of the Candles of Care being lit everywhere for Alzheimer's. Our thoughts, words and prayers will be with all those whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s or related illnesses, and we will join together with our hopes for a cure.

Locally we will also have a Candle of Care for Alzheimer's burning at an Expo for Seniors that is being held today, and there will be a gathering at the South County Regional Center, Arroyo Grande as well.

Writer Carol Bursack, author of Minding Our Elders, said it well in her blog at titled "Speak Out About Alzheimer's During November!" She says "Whether you as a caregiver have been dealing with this heartbreaking disease for one day or 20 years, I encourage you to share your story. Speak to friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers."

Eric Hall, founder and CEO of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America writes this week at and says "A lot of awareness-raising goes on during these next few weeks. The media, thankfully, jumps on the issues more. Legislators become more cognizant of the extent and enormity of Alzheimer's disease and caregiving. Those in the throes of the disease and/or caregiving gain recognition. Others become educated. Many are drawn into the cause and become dedicated advocates.

Today's blog will end with a prayer for Alzheimer's, "Dear God, we hold the memories of those whose lives have been effected by Alzheimer's close to our hearts. We thank you for the joy they brought to us, and for the progress that has been made in Alzheimer's research. We join as one to pray for a cure today."

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