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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Exhausted Caregivers During the Holidays Are Hidden Heroes

Caregivers often put their heart and soul into taking care of people whom they assist. During the holidays exhaustion and stress, "caregivers' syndrome," may be worse due to the extra rushing around. Preparing for festivities is fun, but it can be tiring. Recently I have had several caregivers speak to me about the added exhaustion and stress they feel at this time of the year.

I wish there was a special award to give to all the caregivers who do so much to make others lives better, and who often go without thanks and praise for all they do. Being a caregiver is very special. It's not a high status or high paying role, but in the world of nonmaterial things and goodness of heart it's at the top.

During the holidays it would be nice to go out of our way to tell caregivers they are special and wonderful. Caregivers who are on "stand by assist," meaning they cannot leave the person they assist alone, give up their own dreams, time for friends, and hobbies, because they care about others.

Isolated and sometimes forgotten, caregivers are the hidden heroes of the world today.

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