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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ninety-Six and Ninety-One Year Old Seniors Use Artwork to Stay Mentally Sharp and Active

Senior artists Florence Erb, age 96, and Margaret Haak, age 91, (both pictured below with their paintings), use painting with watercolors and oils to stay mentally sharp. They are both active with a social group of other senior artists, many in their 80's and 90's. Margaret Haak is proof that it is never to late to exercise the mind by learning something new. She began art and painting at the age of 69. Both senior artists said they enjoy the outlet for creative expression, the other senior friends they make at the art groups, and sharing social time with other senior artists.

Florence and Margaret are part of the art group at the Central Coast Seniors Center, San Luis Obispo, California. But, for others outside this area senior centers, clubs, and seniors classes are available everywhere.
Pictured on the left is Florence Erb, 96 with her watercolor painting of a lighthouse.
Below is a photo of Margaret Haak, 91, with her painting of an Arizona landscape.

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