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Friday, November 2, 2007

National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month - Light a Candle of Care

This month is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month and the Alzheimer's Foundation of America has some special events planned. On November 8, 2007 there will be The National Commemorative Candle Lighting, for lighting a "Candle of Care." The following week, on November 13, 2007 is National Memory Screening Day.

At the website for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America you can find information about joining the Dementia Care Professionals of America, educational tools, and a wealth of information.

The Alzheimer's Foundation of American Quilt to Remember is a project that includes quilt panels made by contributors. Each panel tells a special story about someone whose life was touched in some way by Alzheimer's.

At The National Alzheimer's Association you can find steps to take to increase Alzheimer's Awareness this month, including donating, joining a memory walk, fundraising, and becoming an Alzheimer's Champion. You can sign up to be part of the National Alzheimer's Advocate Network to help create a world without Alzheimer's.

For a group of expert's blogs, resources, news, and shareposts you can go to Our Alzheimer's , which is part of Health Central. The daily updates from a variety of experts will keep you informed. Nationally known Caregiver Expert and author of Minding Our Elders, Carol Bradley Bursack provides insight gained from experience.

Along with Carol Bursack, you'll find the panel of experts who write at the Our Alzheimer's site includes the following.

(1) Dorian Martin, an Alzheimer's Caregiver for her mother and an expert in communications and education

(2) Leah, a former schoolteacher who has Vascular Dementia

(3) Jacqueline Marcell, nationally known expert, speaker and author of the book Elder Rage,

(4) Craig Stoltz, Health Journalist, who spent six years as editor of The Washington Post Health Section,

(5) Eric J. Hall, founder and CEO of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America

(6) David Roeltgen, M.D. , Neurologist and Professor with 20 years of experience

(7) Alzheimer's Foundation of America Social Services Team, which is available for counseling and referrals

There are so many excellent sites you can visit, and more of them will be covered in later posts. On the left side of this blog is a list of caregivers blogs, and reading these first person accounts is a way to share and learn along with the Alzheimer's community online.

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carolbradleybursack said...

Thanks for all of your attention to Natinal Alzheimer's month, Kristi. You're doing a wonderful job on Caregivers Beacon, which is why I'm honored to have you as a resource on my own blog.
Take care,
Carol Bradley Bursack
Minding Our Elders