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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jacqueline Marcell's Book "Elder Rage, or Take My Father Please" Has Advice and Humor Too

At the website for "ElderRage - Or, Take My Father Please!" eldercare expert Jacqueline Marcell tells about the times she had to intervene when her father, who was mostly blind, and had bad hearing and memory loss, hid the car keys so he could take the car out later. He insisted he did not know where the keys were. After Jacqueline heard a clanking when he walked she found the car keys masking-taped to his leg.

Another story titled, "Midsummer's Nightmare at the Alamo" tells of the time her father came in to wake her and tell her there were two guys in the house, one wearing a coon-skin cap like Davy Crockett, and another who looked like someone from the FBI. He pointed at Jacqueline's mom and said, "There's one of them now." But when they got closer to get a better look he said, "Oh, that's no guy, that's my wife."

By the end of the story Jacqueline's Dad is back in bed. Jacqueline relates, "I went back to my bed and intensely studied the texture of the ceiling as tears streamed down the sides of my face and clogged my ears. I'd have never guessed that I'd have to be my parent's parent..."

Jacqueline has been featured on television shows such as Regis Philbin's show, and on CNN. On the website you'll see over 50 endorsements for Jacqueline and her book, as well as information about her weekly radio show and schedule of speaking engagements.

Jacqueline's site has a wealth of Alzheimer's and eldercare information. She is a caregiver advocate who understands well the situations Alzheimer's caregivers encounter, from having experienced them herself.

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