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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Elder Law Attorneys Can Advise Family and Caregivers

In San Luis Obispo County you can call Senior Legal Services for free legal advice. The telephone number is (805) 543-5140. Their website address is at

You can ask general questions over the phone or schedule an appointment.

Caregivers are not licensed or trained to offer legal advice.

If you have questions about what can be done, or what should be done to help a dependant or elderly person, it is best to ask an attorney or to call Adult Protection Services for advice.

Families who have questions about estate planning and about legalities of taking care of an elderly or dependant family member need to seek guidance from an attorney.

You can check in the phone book or on the computer for law firms that list "Elder Law" or ask friends for referrals.

Your local Adult Protection Services may be able to suggest legal associations in your town that specialize in these fields.

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