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Monday, August 13, 2007

Medical Alert Buttons for Seniors Living Alone

A medical alert system provides a button attached to a cord around the neck, a bracelet on the wrist or an attachment on the belt. For a senior who lives alone this means help can be called 24 hours a day if illness or an injury such as falling down occurs.

There are many medical response type kits available.

For example, the one recently shown in AARP magazine was for a ReadyResponse Medical Alert System. The telephone number is (800) 552-5378.

The senior can then press the button to bring help if dizziness, a fall, breathing problems, or something else occurs.

Sometimes seniors have the system but take off the alert button, for example when they are showering and forget to put it back on later. It can be important to be sure they are wearing it because it won't be of help if it is left sitting on a counter.

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