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Monday, August 13, 2007

Finding a Caregiver

In the telephone book under Home Health you will find agencies for caregivers. You can also find caregivers through referral services, ads in the newspaper, or by word of mouth referral from friends, church pastors, and nursing schools.

Checking the caregiver's background and references is important. Agencies perform these background checks before they hire caregivers and if you hire an independent caregiver it will be important to do the checking. If someone is going to be in the house it's important to know the person does not have problems with alcohol, drugs, or any illegal activity.

It is best to get legal advice before you hire an independent caregiver so that issues relating to taxes, insurances, the background checks, and reference checks can be taken care of correctly. Some caregivers are hired as employees and some are hired as independent contractors. Ask an attorney for more detailed information.

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