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Monday, August 13, 2007

Meals on Wheels and Senior Meal Programs

In San Luis Obispo the Meals on Wheels program will deliver meals to seniors. The telephone number is (805) 541-1336.

This is a great help for seniors who live alone because it provides a variety of nutritious meals based on a balanced diet. The meals arrive in styrofoam containers and leftovers can be reheated in a microwave easily. I've been a caregiver for many people who received meals on wheels. If they live alone and are at risk for not eating a nutritious, well-rounded diet, then meals on wheels can be a big help.

If seniors have difficulty going grocery shopping then having meals on wheels ensures there is always healthy food on the way when supplies get low. Sometimes seniors have slowly changed their eating habits as they became tired or weak. It can become a cycle - less nutrition, more tired, too weak to prepare food, less nutrition, etc.

The number for the senior nutrition program is (805) 541-3312.

The website address is at for San Luis Obispo.

If you live outside of this area check in your phone book, on the computer, or with your local Adult Protection or Social Services for a program in your area.

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