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Thursday, August 23, 2007

CNN News RE: Caregiver Syndrome

At CNN you can read the article that just came out about research on "Caregiver Syndrome".

The article says constant caregiver activity, unrelieved, contributes to "Caregiver Syndrome" which can include declining health, anxiety, depression, anger and exhaustion.

Caregivers may develop a compromised immune system, high blood pressure and other conditions.

I looked on the internet and there is a lot of research comparing the health of caregivers with the health of noncaregivers. There are studies which focus on specific groups.

For example, some of the groups in the studies include elderly people who are caregivers for a spouse. There are also groups of family caregivers who are employed outside the home so they actually have two jobs.

The family caregivers who are part of the sandwich generation take care of elderly parents and children at the same time and often they have multiple demands made of them.

There are also paid caregivers, and caregivers who receive training compared to those who do not receive training.

When I searched the web I found many studies and sites that encourage self-care for caregivers.

As a caregiver I know sometimes any of us might feel it is selfish to take care of oneself.

But, good health is needed so the caregivers can keep taking care of others. A caregiver's needs to have exercise, sleep, a nutritious diet, social contact, and relaxation are not frivolous but are necessities.

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