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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Communicating When Parents Say "No!"

At the website for Caring Today there is an article titled "Caregiver Communication: When A Parent Says "No!", Tips on how to turn "No!" into "Yes".

The article discusses the subject of elderly parents who do not want to accept having a hired caregiver in the home. More success is obtained when the topic is framed as the adult child needing some rest, and feeling better if someone else can come in to help the elderly parent.

The article also discussed coping with elders who are having difficulties driving, and suggestions for discussing using family members or caregivers to do the driving.

One of my relatives continued to drive, until one time she accidently turned and drove down the off ramp on a freeway at night. She would have been going the wrong way against the freeway traffic. Luckily there wasn't any traffic. A police officer was near the ramp and he stopped her. She realized it was time to stop driving, and to let family members drive her or to take the bus.

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