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Saturday, August 18, 2007

SLO Cuesta College Emeritus for Seniors

Adults over 50 are finding that returning to college for free noncredit classes or to local community education classes is a good chance to keep learning and to make new friends.

The Emeritus classes are free, noncredit, and are designed for adults 55 years old or more. The phone number in San Luis Obispo is (805) 546-3121. If you live else where you can check the yellow pages for community classes, colleges, education and so on.

Many classes are for active seniors but there are also classes open to the public that are held at local retirement centers for frail seniors.

The variety of the classes includes courses in Writing Your Life History, Music, Writing, Drawing, Yoga, Great Literature, Watercolors, Acrylics, and Film Appreciation.

There are classes in north county, San Luis Obispo, and south county.

Last Spring I took Great Literature (a different book each season) and Writing Your Life Story (which included beginning genealogy). They were so interesting that I am signing up for the same courses this Fall.

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