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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Love and Light from

If you go to you will find Empowering Caregivers, which has won a long list of awards for years.

Spiritual sharing at the touch of a computer key, by going to forums or prayer circles, can help isolated caregivers stay in touch with others and provide uplifting strength.

Meeting new friends online and talking to others who have similiar experiences can help relieve caregiver stress. You're not alone! Somebody understands.

The complete site title is "In Love and Light, Empowering Caregivers, Choices, Healing, Love". The mission of the site is stated as "to provide a safe, nurturing site for all caregivers. . . and to provide emotional and spiritual support."

We caregivers sometimes like to be independent heroes, but recognizing the need for emotional well-being and spiritual inspiration is one of the ways we can take good care of ourselves. If our own inner batteries are run down its time to recharge those batteries.

This site is also part of the Hospice Webring.

The site has won multiple awards including the "Divinity in Action Award", the "Golden Web Award", and a "Healing Well Award".

There is a "Healing Circle of Prayer", and categories on the site include "Inspiration", "Humor", and a multitude of practical resources.

Part of a caregiver's support system can include a collection of websites like this that a caregiver can turn to like a good friend.

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