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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Caregiver Education

Caregiver Education and many other resources are available at familycaregiversonline which serves the Area Agency on Aging.

The online education is divided into modules and these are further divided into topics. Examples of some of the subjects include "Role of the Family Caregiver", " Behavior and Emotions of Aging," and "Safety and Independence".

I've read a lot of articles about caregivers who receive training. Studies show benefits for caregivers who are trained in practical hands-on skills, and in understanding the medical conditions of the seniors they are assisting.

The trained caregivers often say they feel less helpless and learning coping techniques enables them to have a better feeling of well-being. The seniors being assisted benefit by having a trained caregiver.

Some other resources include training provided by visiting nurses, by social workers, or by regular classes from a school or organization.

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