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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Laughter Is Good Medicine for Caregivers and Seniors

Laughter, or at least gentle humor, can be good medicine for caregivers and seniors. Reading a humorous book to someone who can no longer see well enough to read has been an enjoyable activity I've shared often.

Some of the recent readings have been from Garrison Kieller's "Prairie Home Companion" series, a book on ""How to Talk Minnesotan", a book of humor by columnist Dave Barry, and "Laughter the Best Medicine" from the Readers Digest.

Books on tape, read by authors or professionals, often with sound effects, can give the caregiver and care-receiver some relief from the usual stresses and create a light mood.

Recently some visitors stopped by while a care-reciever and I were listening to "Dusty and Lefty", some humorous cowboys from Garrison Keiller. As the humor in the stories built we were lauphing all together, and the visitors said they were glad they stopped by to join the party.

After a dose of gentle humor or outright laughing, the tired and tense feelings can melt away.

Here are a few links to wholesome, family humor.

This site offers Laughter the Best Medicine, Life in These United States, All in a Day's Work, Humor in Uniform, Laugh Lines Newsletter, and more.

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