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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Caregiver's Love and Inspiration

At The Rose Dog Book Store on the net you can find a book about caregiver love, overcoming grief and depression, and finding peace.

"Seasons of the Heart - A Caregiver's Story" by Louisa J. Le Grande is a book about how she coped with the worst ordeal of her life, and found peace with God and His heavenly help.

The book discusses the huge responsibility of being a caregiver, and the desires sometimes to run away from the stresses of it. Reading about the author's search for strength and peace provides inspiration and ideas for caregivers.

It's helpful to have a library at home of caregiver support books. Like good friends, you can turn to them for advice or inspiration. When the caregiver role has too much isolation, there's always a good book to light up the day.

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