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Saturday, August 18, 2007

OSHA : Using Lifting Devices, Avoiding Injuries

At the Occupation Safety and Health Administration website there is a powerpoint presentation titled "How to Establish a Zero Lift Policy That Works" .

This reminds me of when I worked at a skilled nursing facility. During the Certified Nursing Assistant training, Acute Care, and Home Health training, we practiced using a Hoyer Lift in class on each other. It was important to know what it felt like to be the person who is being lifted. When you are operating the Lift later, you can sense how the person who is being lifted feels and adjust everything for that person's comfort.

When the class that I took first saw a Lift it appeared strange looking, but after we got accustomed to using it and practicing on each other it was an accepted part of our routine.

The presentation is about a facility that established a program that uses a Lift and the presentation shows photos demonstrating the Lift. The Lift is a device that does the work of lifting patients, helping to avoid injuries to the people who are doing the lifting.

The presentation describes the step by step program.

For a variety of information you can go to OSHA's website at

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