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Monday, September 17, 2007

Alzheimer's and the Dominoes Champion

I bring a lot of games with me when I assist elderly seniors, and the Color Keyed Dominoes or the Number Dominoes are favorites for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. The colors stand out for easy matching . You can get dominoes that are extra large and these are easier for people with arthritis to handle and easier to see. One elderly senior with Alzheimer's won so often she was clearly the "Dominoes Champion". Seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia can match the colors, not just the dot patterns.

The Number Dominoes have a large color keyed number instead of a pattern. For ideas you can go to For a group of people you can try Mexican Train Dominoes. A central hub is used and the domino trains branch out from it.

Dominoes, you might recall, have different numbers of dots arranged in patterns. The goal is to match patterns. The old dominoes were black and white. Now you can get dominoes that are white with each pattern of dots in a different color.

The game comes with a booklet of variations, too. Caregivers can set up the same type of game for elderly seniors who prefer this, or use some of the other dominoes games to change things around sometimes.

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