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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Long Term Care Insurance Becoming a Necessity

As families become separated more and more often by distance from those needing daily care the need for long term care insurance is becoming a necessity. At and the statistics show that the time has come to include long term care insurance along with the other usual insurances that we buy.

Who will take care of the family caregivers of today when they need care in the upcoming years?
Sociological factors show that each generation of families has had a tendency to be more separated by distance, more consumed with employment and work schedules, and less likely to become caregivers for elders.

A recent article at by Gail Sheehy asked "What can we do for the nation's caregivers?" With the social security crisis looming, the boomers retiring, and the health costs rising it is time to take responsibility for our own care that might be needed someday and invest in long term care insurance. Waiting for the government to help is not the answer.

The time is coming when long term care insurance will be another part of our insurance necessities along with property insurance, car insurance, and so on. How else can people pay for long term care? Today, reverse mortgages are paying for long term care for many people, but they worry about what to do if they outlive the funds obtained that way. explains how long term care insurance is rated. The limits of Medicare for long term care and the rapid pace that one's assets can be spent are discussed, along with what to expect regarding Medicaid.

At The National Care Planning Council provides information and links on everything from reverse mortgages to family conflicts to care management and nursing homes.

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