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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long Term Care Insurance - A Reality for Boomers Planning Ahead

As the population ages members of the baby boomers generation are looking at Long Term Care Insurance as they plan ahead for the future. Today's family caregivers will be tomorrow's elderly seniors. A recent article by Gail Sheehy asked the question "Who will take care of the caregivers?"

Long Term Care Insurance is one of the ways the Boomers generation can take care of themselves.

I attended a presentation on Long Term Care Insurance today, held at the Central Coast Seniors Center, Oceano, California, with State Farm of Pismo Beach representative John Stobbe providing information.

Along with insurance for life, property, autos, disability, and medical people are adding long-term care insurance now to help prepare to age in their home if they wish or to pay for assistance in a facility.

Did you know the following:

Medicare Supplement Insurance does not cover long-term care expenses.

A Long-Term Care Insurance policy helps cover costs of long-term care in the setting you prefer, either home care or community care.

It helps you to avoid dependence on family and friends.

It preserves your assets.

Additional benefits included the following:

Coverage for a communication system in the home to summon medical help in an emergency.

Caregiver training for a family member or friend to provide the care you need if you choose to remain at home.

Respite Care to provide relief for a primary caregiver at home.

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