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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Caregiver's Daily Care Diary or Journal

Updates on diet, meals, medication, exercise, activities, household management, and schedules can be kept in a caregiver's daily logbook. If blood pressure is being taken, or blood suger is being monitored this can be included in the notes. The daily diary notes are useful because family caregivers, paid caregivers, and medical personnel can refer to the notes for updates and to track conditions.

At the website for you can see what a typical care diary looks like and order a published one or make your own version. You can get a notebook, paper, and dividers with labels for sections such as Daily Notes, Medications, Phone Numbers, Care Plan and so on.

For example, if a caregiver is preparing meals for a senior who is a diabetic, then writing down the foods and amounts as well as the monitoring of the blood glucose will be important.

Changes in medical conditions, food intake, exercise and doctor's and visiting nurses' directions can be written in the daily notes. Telephone numbers of the family, caregivers, doctor's and nurses can be kept there also. The medications and directions can be listed, and a medical history summary.

If a family caregiver or paid caregiver has to call 911, the paramedics can get the information they need about medications, doctors and so on from the Daily Care Diary.

The date, time, and caregiver's name can be noted, and brief entries can be written to note food consumed and amount, exercise, complaints of pain, and so on. When a different caregiver arrives to take over the notes provide an update of changes.

When someone goes to the doctor or hospital the notes can help if background history is needed.

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