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Monday, September 10, 2007

Print a Free Form for Emergency Medical Information

You can print out a free Vial of Life form that is recommended by fire departments and rescue workers from your computer to provide emergency information. At an article explains the Vial of Life and the importance of having emergency medical information. The form includes history, medications, allergies, doctors, and telephone numbers.

The Vial is a form that provides the information that rescue workers and emergency rooms need in order to enable them to act as quickly as possible. The form can be attached to the refrigerator so that rescue workers can find it easily. If someone is taken to the hospital it provides the insurance information as well as the medical information.

Sometimes people have their information kept in phone books and files but this is a way to group the information where it is instantly available.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I agree, having this information on hand is so important! My parents have ResponseLINK. The wonderful thing about this system is the responders already have all the information at hand. When my parents subscribed to this system, they gave the call center all their health information and phone numbers to notify in case of an emergency. Now when the button on the pendant is activated, the appropriate people are notified immediately.