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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Website Lists Nursing Home Ratings, Violations, Complaints is a website that says on its homepage has information on 16,000 Medicare/Medicaid certified nursing homes in the United States, including the National Watch List of homes with violations and substantiated complaints.

They also have a list of nursing homes that are "deficiency free" on an Honor Role.

The website explains the reports are based on recent government surveys, and describes the reports on the website as easy to understand. I agree the information was presented so that the average person could easily read it, and it was in regular language, not medical terms or technical terms.

The states are listed so you can search your own. There is a Nursing Home Annual Survey Rating System which includes four color codes. The codes include red for "Actual Harm or Immediate Jeopardy", yellow for "Potential for More Than Minimal Harm", blue for "Potential Harm", and green for "No Violations Reported."

There is also a place for "Repeat Violations" for "same violation on two or more of the survey dates listed.

The Nursing Home Watch List shows warnings, the name of the facility with a hyperlink to its page, and the address. You can read the list of ratings, violations, and scope/severity codes for each home on the Watch List.

Nursing Home Quality Trends and Staffing includes Quality Indicators developed by the University of Wisconsin. Again there are four color codes to identify the number of quality measures that do not meet standards or to show there is no more than one quality measure not meeting standards.

Reading the lists of violations shows activities such as "Provide services to meet the needs and preferences of each resident".

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